CB&WPC: Bicycles Rule in Amsterdam!

In Amsterdam, bicycles are ubiquitous. Most people ride them and many people commute to work on them regardless of the weather. If they are going far, however, they might park their bikes for the day at the train station.

This is a bicycle parking lot near Sloterdijk Station.
20180129_131047 (2)

Bicycles have the right of way in Amsterdam over pedestrians. If you are on foot, do not linger on a bike path or you will collide with a cyclist! Although we were there in the winter, that doesn’t stop Amsterdamers from riding their bikes – they just bundle up against the cold, wind and rain. I heard that once there were hurricane force winds and that a number of people on bikes were blown into frigid canals!

Speaking of canals, canal tours are also ubiquitous and a must for anyone visiting Amsterdam! I took the following during a canal tour.

1-31 canal tour3 (3)

DSC03034 (2).JPG

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is for anyone who wishes to showcase their photos in black & white. Join in the fun!


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