That Extra Chromosome which makes her ‘Out of the World’!

An amazing story beautifully told.



“The earth, together with all of its countries and people”, is what Oxford dictionary has to say about the word “World”. The ‘Earth’ represents the external gaze to this spherical entity hanging in the Universe, while ‘World’ is a perception from within (an inside out look). ‘Perception’, because it provides the flexibility to extend it beyond geographical entities, to the people, society, cultures etc. It therefore helps to accommodate numerous definitions of the world, which otherwise has inherent subjective nature.

What I am really trying to establish is, ‘World’ is not exactly what we see, but is a psychological phenomenon. The continents, the countries, the buildings, the bridges, the rivers, mountains, the GDPs, the markets, the inventions, the loved ones, the enemies, all constitute our world.  We all are slaves of our worldly definitions. We live by our definitions, we struggle to standby our definitions, we laugh, cry, emote over…

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