CFFC: Rain and Rainbows

Taking photos when it’s raining often produces surprising results. A rainstorm started one Labor Day weekend when we were driving on the expressway in the early evening. With the help of a windshield and lights outside, it made for interesting swirls and patterns. Looking through the windshield at the traffic ahead of us:
Rain on I-90, approaching Rockford (going north/west)Rain on the window
IMAG0952 (2)Although the storm dissipated and the sun came out, there was no rainbow that evening.

Last May, we took a trip to Minnesota and the Dakotas. We ventured into Wyoming one day to see Devils Tower. We were having a picnic dinner afterward when it started to rain! The storm didn’t last long, though, and we were treated to a double rainbow! I have posted some pictures of this before, but here are a couple I didn’t include then.

I chose this photo because I like the way the rainbow reflects on the wet road ahead of us.
20170527_200914_001The second rainbow is barely visible on the far right in this photo, but it looks like the big rainbow is coming right out of the top of the hill!

Posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, 3/20/18.

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