Tanzanian Nature’s White

Nancy Merrill Photography has a Photo a Week challenge and this week’s theme is “nature’s white.”

All of the following were taken from Feb. 6 to Feb. 10 in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area of northern Tanzania.

Kori bustard male displaying his “whites”!SONY DSC

Zebras are half white…
SONY DSC…and many birds are mostly white, like this yellow-billed stork,…
SONY DSC…cattle egrets,…SONY DSC
…the sacred ibis…
and the secretary bird.
There are white flowers, like cycnium…
and scorpion flower.
White mushrooms are somewhat universal; this one was growing on the southern Serengeti plain.
2-10 mushroom

All the photos except the last one were taken with a Sony A380. The mushroom was taken with a Samsung Galaxy 7.


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