Feb. 8, 2018

We left Ngorongoro Crater, driving around the south and west of its rim, on our way to Ndutu Lake and the southern Serengeti, passing several Maasai villages along the way.

On our way to Olduvai Gorge (see my post dated April 3), we came across some giraffes and zebras on an embankment.2-8 giraffe
This female bends her long neck to reach the tender leaves of a small tree.
She splays her legs a bit to reach down to the grass.
She gets a good mouthful and chews!
862 (2)
Meanwhile, a male giraffe grazes nearby.SONY DSC
Another female doesn’t appear to notice the male coming toward her, but looks up at us.dsc04083.jpgOf course she knows he’s behind her.  Perhaps she’s being coy.SONY DSCIt’s clear he has something other than grazing in mind.SONY DSCHe gives her a little nuzzle.SONY DSC
He decides to try his luck – now is his moment!
Alas, he was unable to finish – the female moved away!

A little later, we saw a group of females with one calf (walking behind its mother).
I hope you have enjoyed this little story of the giraffes!

I’d never heard the sound a giraffe makes, have you? Click here to watch a short video.


*Twiga – Swahili word meaning “giraffe.”





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