Thursday Doors: Decorative & Decorated Doors

It’s warm enough to be able to walk outside many days – today was one of these. The sun was out and there was little wind. Still, I bundled up in warm coat, hat and gloves for my walk in the neighborhood. I’ve been noticing many houses decorating for spring, now that the winter holidays are over. And everybody is anxiously waiting for spring!

So I decided to photograph doors in my neighborhood in Des Plaines that are either decorative or decorated – such as a spring wreath, etc.

This first house, on Hollywood Ave., has a lovely symmetrical decoration on the outside between the windows. On the door is a rabbit dressed for spring.
Close-up of the door
20180405_121201I love the decorative grating on the door of this brick house.20180405_121252Many houses have lovely glass panels on their front doors.
Here’s another, with a glass panel in the shape of a flower.
and another, complemented with a small spring wreath.
Some houses have bright colored wreaths. (This house is itself very pretty, too!)
What I like about #924 are the two staircases with white railings that meet at the doorway.20180405_121459
This house has pillars that frame the doorway.
This house not only has a pretty glass paneled door, but a nifty garage door too.
20180405_122248The decoration on this door is of bright, colorful tulips.20180405_122625Another lovely decoration20180405_123946I took a picture of this doorway, which I love in the fall because the orange pumpkins the residents put in front are a pleasing contrast with the blue trim. This decoration, however, looks as though they never got around to taking down a holiday wreath. And what’s the “m” for? Perhaps a university, or the first letter of Merry Christmas?

Now as I sit here typing this, I just glanced outside and it is snowing! So much for spring!!

Posted for Norm’s Thursday Doors, 4/5/18.




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