Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is People or Objects Over 50.

Two years ago, we had several rooms in our house renovated. The walls had to be stripped of wallpaper.

20160114_151052 (2)

One of the things the painters uncovered was this old doorbell, installed in the 1940s or possibly earlier.
phone photos 216 (2)Since I am over 50 myself, so are many of the people in my life! The oldest was my mother, who died in 2014. This picture was taken on her 96th birthday.410 (3)
This is a selfie of me and my husband in Amsterdam, in Museum Square, earlier this year. We both had rather strange expressions on our faces!20180129_135904 (2)
We went to an art exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute recently, of ancient Chinese bronzes.  This ancient scroll from the Zhou Dynasty is a drawing of a bronze container.
20180306_141843 (2)
Chinese bronze bell
20180306_142543 (2)
All the people on our safari, except one, were older than 50. Here is our guide, David, telling us about some animal bones (which themselves are old, although I don’t know if they are over 50 years old!).
2-13 David with animal bones at Serengeti NP Visitors Center (3)





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