CB&WPC: Chairs and Benches

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is “any kind of seating.”

20170614_101050 (2)
Bench for relaxing, Des Plaines, Illinois


20170522_092003 (2)
Hjemkomst Heritage Center, Moorhead, Minnesota


KODAK Digital Still Camera
Seat in Chancel of a church in St. Louis, Missouri


20150817_121801 (3)
Barstool on board m/s Eurodam (Holland America Line cruise ship)


20160712_182558 (2)
Chair art in a park, Evanston, Illinois


20180301_193512 (2)
Relic from a beauty parlor (the chairs where they put the large hair dryers over your head), now at Trigger (wedding venue & photography studio), Chicago, Illinois (Our daughter is getting married next winter at this venue.)


20180301_193331 (2)
Bench at Trigger, Chicago, Illinois


20180301_192630 (2)
Fancy chair at Trigger, Chicago, Illinois


132_2655 (2).JPG
“Whale” bench, Ketchikan, Alaska













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