CFFC: Point and Click!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is cameras or photographers.

Usually I take pictures of people taking pictures while traveling – after all, that seems to be when most people take out their cameras, from cellphones to sophisticated SLRs.

I got a new camera and a new haircut right before our Baltic cruise.

Trying out my new camera
Trying out my new camera, Aug. 1, 2015
Dale takes a picture of me taking a picture
One of the first pictures I took with my new Kodak camera! Dale had just gotten this red Nikon basically free due to a mistake by Amazon.

In March-April, 2017, we went on a Panama Canal cruise.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
A woman takes a photo of an interesting fountain in Antigua, Guatemala (I have photos of that same fountain).

In Todos Santos, Mexico (near Cabo San Lucas), we went to a cultural center, which had interesting murals as well as eclectic artifacts.

20170404_152242 (2)
A woman on our tour takes a picture of a mural at the cultural center in Todos Santos.


Another room at the cultural center had historical objects on display, including a number of vintage cameras!

Last summer, with our trip to Tanzania several months away, I bought another camera. I was very dissatisfied with the Kodak, which would sometimes overexpose or blur a subject for no reason. So I bought a used Sony SLR with two lenses, including a 300mm telephoto lens, a camera case and other accessories. I didn’t think the Kodak would be reliable enough for photographing wildlife and I was right – the Sony worked much better!

My Sony camera & extra lens in the bag I bought to go with it, which has lots of pockets and essentially has become my “purse” when we travel!

A safari in Tanzania is, of course, a place to take lots of photos, from the most amateur cellphone photo to close-up shots of far-off animals with 600 mm telephoto lenses, and everything in between!

On a hike our first day in Arusha National Park, some people took pictures of giraffes and zebras, such as Susan (L) and Cheri (Middle – with her cellphone camera – her 600mm telephoto is slung over her right arm), while some (Doug – R), preferred to rest.
In the car behind ours, Cay focuses on a nearby animal.
Me (left), my new Sony camera around my neck, with my cousins Holly and Susan (who are wearing binoculars, not their cameras!).

This song, Desafinado (Out of Tune), sung in Portuguese, is a bossa nova, and one of the lines says: Fotografei você na minha Rolleiflex  (I photographed you with my Rolleiflex).










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