CB&WPC: Hickory Dickory Dock…

…the mouse ran up the clock!  The theme for Cee’s B&W photo challenge this week is words ending in -ock.  These are “-ocks” from my travel over the last two years. Clock Flower clock in the historic district of Curitiba, PR, Brazil, Nov. 2016   Locks Gatun Locks, Panama Canal (March 2017)   Rocks Rocks […]

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WPC: Aqueous

WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge is liquid. Raindrop: Microcosm Fluidity: Still water peace Wave: Ocean in motion Liquor Aqua: Water is life Reflection: Moisture in air’s reflection on lakeBuoyancy: floating on water Frozen liquid: dripping Rainbow: Moisture refracted, light dispersedWater cycle: Condensation Fog is but a cloud that touches the earth. Water = Life  

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FoTD: Tulip

This is one of my garden tulips – it bloomed a bit later than the others, but it’s bright and cheery!  Posted for Cee’s Flower of the Day, 5/20/18.

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CB&WPC: Through a Window

Through our car window, we saw this cutie enjoying the ride on a sunny day. Through a window at Shakespeare Theatre at Navy Pier in Chicago, I took this shot of the Ferris wheel at twilight. Through a window in my house during a November thunderstorm, this leaf was plastered onto the glass. Looking through […]

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FOTD: Lilacs

Oh, the wonderful smell of lilacs! Long before I saw the lilac bush at my neighbor’s house, I took in its lovely perfume! My lilac bush has not yet bloomed and its flowers are darker. But that’s OK, I know I can look forward to inhaling more lilac aromas! Cee’s Flower of the Day, 5/10/18

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