The Colorado River’s Rehearsal

June 2, 2018              Denver to Grand Junction, CO

After visiting Red Rocks Park, we were on our way. The highway through the mountains and canyons can be treacherous at times. But the first thing that happened was a massive traffic jam due to merging lanes and an accident ahead. That set us back about an hour!20180602_123617The scenery on this stretch of I-70 is beautiful; we climbed a few thousand feet into a mountain pass, 20180602_134558

ski hill ahead

then the highway descended and wound through bluffs and canyons 20180602_135638
20180603_084650carved by the Colorado River, barely visible in this photo:20180602_164853The Colorado River originates in the snowy peaks of the Rockies, then meanders southwest and on down to its most spectacular achievement, the Grand Canyon.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
This photo was taken in December 2015, the last time I visited the Grand Canyon.


The road to Grand Junction is like a sneak preview, 20180602-150321-1a rehearsal for that crowning achievement: Glenwood Canyon and other beautiful rock formations created by the Colorado River’s path and further shaped by wind and water erosion.
20180602_170117The Colorado River also contributes to the creation of some spectacular scenery in a couple of Utah’s national parks, including Arches National Park (which I will write about in a future post) and Canyonlands National Park (which we didn’t have a chance to visit), before it widens into Lake Powell just north of the Arizona border, before its spectacular display at the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River is also the river that was dammed by Hoover Dam which created Lake Mead.


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