YDWP: Tinkling Cow Bells

Your Daily Word Prompt’s word for today is tintinnabulation.

This word is defined as: (NOUN) a ringing or tinkling sound.  Such a long, complicated word for the simple sound of bells! When we were on safari in Tanzania, we went on game drives in Ngorongoro Crater. We were told that one meaning of the word ngorongoro means “the sound of cow bells.”  So for today’s prompt, I am posting a photo looking down into Ngorongoro Crater.
SONY DSCTintinnabulation also reminds me of other ringing bells, such as these ancient Chinese bells that I saw at the Chicago Art Institute earlier this year.










2 thoughts on “YDWP: Tinkling Cow Bells

  1. Oh, I’m so pleased to see a variety of posts and responses to the prompt. Photo prompts are always fun. Thank you for sharing and participating. I used to sell handbells so I can imagine how magnificent those Chinese bells would sound.

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