Getting Our Kicks in Santa Fe, NM (Route 66, Day 5, Pt. 3)

June 11, 2018

There is plenty to see and do in Santa Fe. Head for the historic Plaza in the center of town to see adobe Pueblo-style buildings and a square (the Plaza) that resembles similar plazas in Mexico. Adjacent to the Plaza is another historic hotel, La Fonda. The hotel operated as a Harvey House for over 40 years, accommodating guests arriving by car as well as the Santa Fe Railroad. In 1937, Route 66 was realigned to bypass Santa Fe, but La Fonda continued as a Harvey House until 1968.  Still in operation as one of the city’s elegant hotels, we went in to look around.20180611_190200


Entrance to La Fonda Hotel


The entrance from the inside – notice the beautiful stained glass panels on either side of the entrance.

The hotel lobby

20180611_190439The hotel also displays some beautiful
artwork by local and Native American

(Left) Marla Allison (1980 – ), Laguna
Pueblo, NM; A Hint of Blue, 2011,
acrylic paint, gold & silver leaf
on canvas. This Native American artist
is inspired by traditional pottery
designs of the Pueblo and Hopi tribes.

(Below) Tammy Garcia (1969 – ), Santa
Clara Pueblo, NM; Basket Dancer, glass
on granite base.  Ms. Garcia began her
career as a potter, like her mother and
grandmother. While still connected to
her cultural roots, she uses new
imagery and materials. An award-
winning artist, she now lives in Taos,
New Mexico.


The hotel has a nice restaurant, so we inquired about a table.
We were told the restaurant was full and without reservations, we would not be able to get in, so I could only take these pictures of it. The restaurant was decorated with stained glass panels, old-fashioned light fixtures and trees sparkling with little white lights. (Click on photos to see them larger.)

Exiting the hotel, we figured we should look for another place to eat, since it was dinnertime. We found one – Anasazi – where we had a delicious and inexpensive meal on the patio (see my blog post Getting Our Kicks…, Day 5, Pt. 2 for more about this restaurant).  We also had a look at the Basilica Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi, which was closed, so we viewed the exterior and planned to return the next morning.


Here are some more photos we took while wandering around the central plaza area that evening.



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