Thursday Doors: Santa Fe, NM

Norm is back with his weekly Thursday Doors! Meanwhile, I’ve been diligently collecting door pictures! 🙂

These are some doors we saw in downtown old Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love the Southwestern style architecture and motifs.
Public library entrance
Entrance to one of the shops at the Plaza
20180611_190118d (2)
La Fonda Hotel doorway – from the outside
From the inside
Front door of Cathedral Basilica Saint Francis of Assisi20180611_191308
Shop on the Plaza
Anasazi Restaurant at Rosewood Anasazi Hotel, Washington Street

4 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Santa Fe, NM

  1. I love the southwestern motifs on the doors too. I especially love the Public Library door and the Rosewood Anasazi Hotel, as well as the inside view of La Fonda Hotel. Someday, I want to get to Santa Fe!

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