CB&WPC: Carvings & Sculptures

Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week is sculptures, carvings and statues.

I have always loved Native Southwestern art and had often coveted my oldest sister’s collection of Navajo kachinas. Recently, I’ve begun to collect them for myself.  The first one I got is the round faced one with a feathered headdress, at the Crazy Horse Monument store in South Dakota. The second, the fearsome wolf in the background, I ordered from a Southwest Indian Foundation catalog last winter. In June, I bought several smaller ones in New Mexico. I display them all on a shelf between my living room and dining room. They are carved in wood, with other materials (such as feathers and
leather) added, then painted.
20180824_093849 (2)
I saw this weird sculpture at the Chicago Art Institute earlier this month, in the section of ancient Roman art. It struck me as unique, so I took this photo.

20180802_143052 (2)

Statue of a Young Satyr Wearing a Theatre Mask of Sileno (about 1st century Roman, restored 1628 by Alessandro Algardi [1598-1654]; marble)

The following are all from the Santa Fe state capitol. This one, of children playing, is in front of the capitol building.
20180612_112610d (2)
Like most state capitols, the one in Santa Fe contains a collection of art. This carving was inside, in the capitol’s art gallery.
20180612_112116 (2)
Detail of a multimedia buffalo head
20180612_113645 (2)
To see more of the Santa Fe state capitol, go to my upcoming post in my capitol series.

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