Treehouse: Oddball Thursday Doors

When I saw this tree, I thought of the stories of my childhood, where families of rabbits or squirrels wearing human clothing, lived.  I discovered it on one of my walks on a local walking path, which passes a couple of private homes. Someone has used the contours and scars of this tree trunk to fill in the spaces with itty-bitty doors and windows, adding details such as miniature picket fences and chimneys made of odd objects. I couldn’t resist posting this for Norm’s Thursday Doors and Cee’s Oddball Challenge.

Perhaps this is more like a tree apartment building!
Any minute I expected one of the tiny doors would open and Mama Rabbit in her apron would appear!
The chimney on this one is very clever!
Now I admire it every time I go by and the ingeniousness of its creator!

5 thoughts on “Treehouse: Oddball Thursday Doors

  1. This is fantastic and made with such imagination. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll go to sleep thinking of the Magic Faraway Tree tonight.
    Best wishes,

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