CFFC: Light and Lime Green

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge right now is a color series; this week is light green or lime green.

Hibiscus buds20180908_160526_001
Young maple leaves – most of the maples around here have a fungus on their leaves called “maple tar spot,” supposedly caused by wet weather so that the leaves never have a chance to dry out. So these leaves weaken and fall off the tree even before they turn color. However, I found some “new” maple leaves that are not yet affected by the fungus.
Yucca plants in Arizona
An old gas station building along Route 66 in Oklahoma
Old fashioned telephone booth, Kingman, Arizona
Gift shop door, Seligman, Arizona
Unusual “totem pole” made from a tree – Foyil, Oklahoma (more about this in Getting Our Kicks in Oklahoma Part 2)!
Vintage car, Springfield, Missouri
Dinosaur statue, Uranus, Missouri (more about this weird place in future Getting Our Kicks post)
20180615_134704D (2)

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