CFFC & Thursday Doors: Red Doors

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is RED. Since I have several photos of red doors, I am combining this with Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Des Plaines, Illinois: I love this house with its red door and matching light above. I met the owner, Bonnie, one day when she was working on her garden. I asked if I could take a photo of her house and she asked me what it was for. “I collect pictures of doors,” I told her! She told me she had purchased the light at an industrial goods store – it was metal and she spray painted it red. We talked for several minutes about her garden and her artistic endeavors. Very nice lady!

Highland Park, Illinois: I took my friend to a doctor’s appointment in Highland Park. I wanted to visit my niece who lives there, but she wasn’t home so I had time to kill. I walked around downtown Highland Park, taking photos of interesting things, especially doors, of course! The first photo is the front door of the Episcopal Church of Highland Park and the second is a barn-shaped shed in a park adjacent to the church.

Charleston, South Carolina: We took a road trip to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA four years ago in early spring. The weather was unusually cold for that region but at least it wasn’t hurricane season! I am praying for my friends and residents of the Carolinas now as Hurricane Florence reaches their coastline! This big barn is where we began a carriage tour, pulled by a pair of mules, around Charleston’s historic center.

Houston, Texas: One of the most unusual art installations I have ever seen was the Orange Show in Houston.  I wrote a post about it last year. This is the entrance gate.

Tucson, Arizona: We had time to just wander around town on a rainy day in December. It cleared up enough to explore a couple of neighborhoods, where I took these photos. The second is my favorite because of the animals on the roof! This photo was taken in the predominantly Latino neighborhood south of downtown.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Quebec City & Montreal, Quebec, Canada: The first photo was taken in Quebec City – this building had sets of doors three stories up. The post sticking out on top was used as pulleys to bring up goods delivered from wagons. The doors would be opened to bring them in. The second photo is a restaurant in the historic part of Montreal. I wrote a post about Quebec and another about the doors of old Montreal.

Lübeck, Germany: This is a charming small city near the Baltic coast of Germany, famous for marzipan. I wrote about this town in a post about our shore excursion walking tour in August of 2015. This is the entrance to a pharmacy.20150808_043630

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