CB&WPC: Winter Trees

In my previous post for RDP, I mentioned that we had a mild winter this past year. So mild, in fact that trees began budding in February.
20180226_151220_003 (2).jpg
This was a couple of weeks after the biggest snow storm we had last February! But winter lingers and teases – when in March we all ready for spring, we get more snow.
20180313_134634 (2)
One thing I love to look at in winter is the full moon filtering through the leafless tree branches from our deck.
20180301_222304 (3)
By April, it was spring, with daffodils and tulips beginning to bloom! Often it is not until May that we see the full beauty of spring. May is a great time to take walks along the lake and watch Northwestern students celebrate the end of the semester! A hammock on a breezy May day is just the thing!
20180526_191138 (2)
Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trees

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