Lotus: One-Word Prompt

Swimmers’ One-Word Prompt is lotus. In yoga classes, we were sometimes instructed to sit in lotus pose, which was fine for a short time. But when learning meditation techniques, we were encouraged to sit in lotus position, our legs crossed over each other while sitting on a cushion on the floor with our backs straight. I always found it extremely uncomfortable for more than a minute or two, which made it difficult to concentrate on meditating. More recently, meditation instructors have relaxed this requirement, allowing us to sit in whatever position we prefer. It’s a good thing, too, because I can no longer sit in lotus position due to arthritis in my left knee.

lotus pose.jpg
This woman looks serene meditating in lotus position.

Yoga poses all have names connected to real life: warrior, downward facing dog, child’s pose, eagle, etc. Lotus, of course, is a flower, a beautiful flower and much revered in some Asian cultures. I had actually never seen a real lotus flower until last July, when I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with a friend.

We were walking next to a pond, and I suddenly exclaimed, “Look at that beautiful flower!” It was large and truly amazing. Some people nearby told us it was a lotus blossom.


I had seen pods like these before, but had never realized they were lotus pods, until I saw the flower unfolding around one of them. Then I could see the same pod in the center of the fully blossomed lotus flower. The pods at the end of the stems jutting up out of the water always reminded me of shower heads! 20180727_163951

Although I cannot sit in lotus pose anymore, I now greatly admire the lotus flower!



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