Camouflage and Contrast

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge for this week is Standing Out or Blending In.

Camouflage (blending in) is a common way in nature for animals to hide from predators or so they cannot be seen. It was hard to spot this eagle at first, because his brown feathers blend in so well with the tree branches.SONY DSC
There’s a giraffe in these woods somewhere…his long neck and spotted coat blend in with his surroundings.
On the other hand, some animals want to stand out to attract a mate with their bright colors. It is usually the male bird that has vivid colors, while the female’s feathers tend to be more muted so she can camouflage herself in her nest. Here is a lilac breasted weaver, who stands out against the sky.
Autumn is a great time to photograph things that stand out. The bright colors of the leaves on the trees, for instance…
or the brilliant orange canopy in sharp contrast with the bright blue sky.
Some things which remain hidden during leafy seasons of the year, stand out once the trees shed their leaves, such as this fairy-tale house in Des Plaines, which I can only get a good photo of in the fall or winter.
And during long December nights, holiday lights and the light of the moon stand out against the darkness.

6 thoughts on “Camouflage and Contrast

  1. Excellent examples – and some surprises – who would find a hidden giraffe? Magical. And you are so right about some things standing out once the trees shed their leaves. Your lovely fairy house for example. I must admit sometimes during autumn I see things I never noticed before – and did not even know were there…
    Thank you for joining in!

    1. Thanks, Leya! I “found” the giraffe on our first day on safari in Tanzania. Whenever the driver slowed or stopped the vehicle, you knew there was something to see! The “fairy tale” house is really unique in our neighborhood. Everyone knows it’s there, but I haven’t met anyone who knows who lives there! Whoever it is doesn’t do anything with the growth in the yard, so in summer it’s almost completely obscured by tall plants!

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