CFFC: Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The theme of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is cold. Very timely, since Chicagoland has had an unseasonably cold November, with our first major snowfall (8 inches where I live) on November 26. Here is how our neighborhood looked (from the comfort of my living room! 🙂 ) that morning.
My husband was out with our snow blower, as were many of the neighbors.
Of course, this is nothing compared to the Arctic vortex that descended on the Midwest during the winters of 2014 and 2015. The icicles never had a chance to melt and we had some huge ones!
The icicles hanging from our eaves had their beautiful moments, reflecting the sunlight.
When it’s very cold outside, I like to go to a local Mexican restaurant which serves a delicious caldo de pollo (chicken soup) with big chunks of white meat, potatoes, carrots, and green beans. They serve it with a tray of chopped onions, limes, and cilantro, and a plate of rice to add at will! This was my bowl last Wednesday evening.
To get in the mood, here’s a seasonal song that is played a lot at this time of year.


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