This is my last opportunity to post for Becky’s December Squares (Time), as we will be leaving tomorrow for a two-week trip to Egypt followed by 10 days in Israel. I will have lots of photos to share when we get back home!

Meanwhile, here are some amazing clocks in churches in two German Baltic towns: Lübeck and Rostock.

This timepiece in St. Mary’s Church in Lübeck does much more than tell time. As you can see, it is surrounded by major constellations and on the inner circle, the phases of the moon are shown. KODAK Digital Still Camera
This two-story astronomical clock tells the time, the date, location of the Zodiac signs and positions of the sun and moon.
KODAK Digital Still CameraThis amazing clock was built in the 1960s by a local clockmaker, Paul Behrens. He maintained his masterpiece until he died.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Above the clock is a ledge on which appear, each day at noon, eight figures which come out on one side and go back in on the other side, passing in front of a figure of Jesus. Learn more about this amazing masterpiece here.

At St. Mary’s Church (coincidentally, it has the same name as the church in Lübeck) in Rostock, Germany, is an even more amazing timepiece! This astronomical timepiece was built in 1472 by Hans Düringer, a clockmaker from Nuremburg.
KODAK Digital Still CameraIt consists of three parts: At the top, when the clock strikes each hour, apostles of Jesus appear from a door on one side. Judas is last in line, and as they reach the door on the other side into which they disappear, the door slams shut before Judas can go through it!

In the middle is the clock, which tells the time, Zodiac, moon phases and month.

At the bottom is a calendar, which according to Wikipedia, is valid until 2150. (This is the fourth in the series of calendars, which lasted from 1885 to 2017 – I photographed it in 2015. In 2018, it was to be replaced by a fifth calendar, valid until 2150.)
KODAK Digital Still CameraThis medieval clock is the only one of its kind with its parts all still in working order.


5 thoughts on “December Squares: Two Amazing German Timepieces

  1. What incredible timepieces and surprised how modern that first one is. Extraordinary. Thank you so much for sharing these, especially as you must be so busy preparing for your trip. Have a wonderful time.

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