Upon arrival in Israel from Egypt, we stayed two nights at an Airbnb in a Tel Aviv suburb called Rishon le Tsiyon, because we were joining up with another tour group that would arrive two days later. Although I was a little disappointed at how far it was from the city, so we would not get to see the sights of Tel Aviv, I ended up really enjoying it: it was two days of just wandering around the neighborhood at our leisure, snapping photos of whatever interested us. It was also a much more typical representation of  average Israeli life.  I was amazed at the variety of doors and gates we saw just within walking distance of our Airbnb, so I am posting them here in Norm’s Thursday Doors feature.

Here, then, are the doors (and other sights) of Rishon le Tsiyon, Israel.

I could barely get the entire door/gate in this photo, because I was standing on the sidewalk directly in front of it!
This seems to be a work in progress.

We saw these recycling cages where plastic bottles are dropped in through a hole in the design in front. There was some variety in these designs; we saw different ones here and elsewhere in Israel.
Returning to our Airbnb home later in the day.

We had tried to do laundry – the woman whose home it was had a washing machine but no dryer. We took the dryer rack outside and hung the wet clothes on it, but it was windy and the rack kept blowing over!

The next morning, Dale scooped up a grapefruit that had fallen in the front yard. Behind him, the tree was full of ripe grapefruits!

It was windy again and we thought it best to leave the clothes to dry on the rack inside, because we wanted to spend some more time exploring the neighborhood. I was surprised to find a sculpture of Don Quixote (Dale’s hero!) in a park nearby.

The weather threatened rain, but undeterred, we continued our explorations.
In a somewhat rundown shopping center, there was a camera store, which solved a problem I’d had – part of my camera charger was missing (left at home, probably) so I couldn’t charge my camera batteries! This store had a universal camera battery charger, which the store clerk tested for us to make sure it would work. It did! I didn’t even mind him telling us he liked Trump – my photography life in Israel was saved! I could now take as many photos as I wanted to, and not be restricted to my cellphone.
Because this was not a touristy area, we came across people who knew little or no English, especially in restaurants. However, we found that pointing at things got us what we wanted!  Here we bought some snacks to take to the airport with us while we waited for the other tour group members to arrive.




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