Here are the questions for Share Your World this week and my answers:

What’s the first thing you notice about a person?
ppl in a crowdWhat they are wearing, especially the color, if it’s someone I know – this is subconscious but if I see that color later, I will think it’s that same person. On the conscious level, if it’s a stranger, basically what they look like: their gender, approximate age, and their race. I also notice what they are wearing, especially if it something I especially like or that I think looks awful on them!  Race is generally obvious, I’m still pretty good at guessing the age of someone under 15, but gender these days is not always obvious.

What three habits do you feel would improve someone’s life?
“Early to bed and early to rise,”  to quote that old adage.water bottles
Drink lots of water.
Appreciate the natural world and count your blessings.

Now if you ask do I follow these three good habits, I can only say I strive to do the last two, but the first one is problematic for me. I go to bed later than I could but I’m retired! If I have to get up to go somewhere by 9-10  in the morning, I grumble about having to rush!

What takes up too much of your time? Would you stop that if you could?
Playing word games on my phone. Even as I’m doing it, I’m telling myself to stop but I don’t. It is an addiction! I have a bad habit of wasting my evenings this way instead of blogging or writing, or watching something worthwhile on TV.

Cookies (biscuits to those elsewhere), pastries, pie or cake? If not, what does your sweet tooth crave?
Cookies and brownies, or anything chocolate. Oh, and ice cream! But please, no peanut butter in anything sweet! My favorite brownies are the ones my niece makes for Christmas every year, with peppermint frosting. I also have a weakness for M&Ms.

Gratitude? Are You Happy? If so, why? If not, why not?
I am happy and blessed with what I have. I know I am lucky to have enough money to live comfortably and travel, to have a good and faithful husband, and reasonably good health.

3 thoughts on “SYW: On Bad Habits, Improving One’s Life, and Anything Chocolate

  1. oh, I share your addiction to word games. My favorite is Bookworm but it stopped working so that was good because it was so easy to spend more time then I meant to. I think word games are good for the brain though and helps fend off brain aging — that’s my excuse anyways.

    1. I only allow myself to have two of these games on my cellphone, which are the two I posted photos of. I get easily distracted and would never get anything done if I didn’t limit myself! I’ve never heard of Bookworm – maybe I should look it up…

      1. uh oh …. limiting to two sounds like a great idea — like limiting to two drinks, right? I never downloaded to my phone because eons ago when I got my first phone, playing a game used the battery too fast so I kept it to my kindle. I never updated my kindle so while I can still read books on it, one by one, as games get updated they can’t be played on it. it’s a good thing.

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