Cee’s B&WPC: Gates and Fences

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge this week is gates and fences.

Nature Gate: Crazy Horse National Monument, South Dakota (filter used: Denim).KODAK Digital Still Camera
Neighborhood fence, Des Plaines, Illinois (filter used: Slate)
20170907_143202 (2)
Neighborhood fence with flowers, Des Plaines, Illinois (filter used: Mercury)20180911_095301 (2)
Cairo Marriott Hotel gate, Cairo, Egypt (filter used: Vanilla)20190105_150003
Gate for a house in Rishon le Tsiyon, Israel (filter used: Slate)
20190108_132546 (2)
Front gate at Church of All Nations, Jerusalem, Israel (filter used: Mercury)
20190113_080512 (2)

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