Early Signs of Spring!

I took a walk today – it was a bit windy but the temperature wasn’t bad – about 40°F and the sun was shining! Yesterday I saw my first robin of the year and today I noticed early flowers are beginning to appear! My snowdrops are coming up and a few are already blooming!
As I walked around the neighborhood, I looked for other signs of spring.

Early buds:
Pussy willow-type buds on another tree:
About 4 blocks from my house a homeowner has planted early crocuses around the base of a tree and they are always the flowers that bloom first – dozens of bright yellow crocus buds, some in full flower already!
A flower in full bloom


2 thoughts on “Early Signs of Spring!

    1. I haven’t started on my gardening, but I should take a rake to it soon to get all the decomposing leaves off it! My snowdrops are all beginning to bloom now. Our weather hasn’t been warm really – in fact, the temps have been below average. Even so, spring is coming. Nature knows!

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