On January 26, we happily celebrated the marriage of our daughter, Tamara, to her soulmate, Liam. It was a very eclectic group of friends that came to celebrate with our families. For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week, here is my interpretation of her theme, Getting Your Ducks in a Row. These are the members of the groom Liam’s band. (Our new son-in-law is not in the photo because he was taking his own photo at the same time!)
A few weeks later, four guys (my brother-in-law’s barbershop quartet) line up to sing a love song to my sister (who was having dinner with friends) on Valentine’s Day. They spend Valentine’s Day every year hiring themselves out to anyone who wants to have their loved one serenaded. But this one was free, because after all, it was my brother-in-law singing to his wife of 53 years! (My brother-in-law, Elmer, is the short bald guy on the left!)20190214_165859.jpg

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