FOTD: Moss Phlox

For more beautiful spring flowers, please visit Cee’s FOTD 4/29/19. I spied this beautiful blanket of purple in a neighbor’s yard. Moss phlox grows only to about 6 inches high and makes a great ground cover.

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Weekend Cats: Muhraqa – Israel

Forget Caturday – it seems I am always to busy or preoccupied to be diligent with an actual cat post on Saturday – so I’m renaming it “Weekend Cats!” And once again, I feature a few of these furry friends in Israel (although many are not too friendly, since they are mostly feral). These three […]

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FOTD: Dutchman’s Britches

This delicate, tiny flower is called “Dutchman’s Britches” – it looks like (upside down) old fashioned pantaloons that Dutch men used to wear! These flowers are tiny and their bloom fleeting, so often one can pass by without even noticing them, as I would not have if my gardener neighbor hadn’t pointed them out. Photographed […]

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