Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Something Different

Tina Schell from Lens-Artists has posted beautiful pictures of the Southwest (USA) for Photo Challenge #40’s theme Something Different. I looked into my archives for photos I don’t quite what to do with, for my own take on Something Different, and found some weird stuff!

When I was still teaching, I had software installed on my school computer called “Photo Booth.” There were lots of different things you could do with photos on this software, so I was fooling around after school one day and came up with this weird, distorted picture of me.  I call it “Fish.”
Katy as fish
This may look like poop from many animals, but actually these are roots of a tree that I saw in San Antonio, TX.
Close up of the weird tree roots that look like mounds of poop!
Who takes photos of soap chips? Well, I did once.
Mystery picture: What is this? soap
One of the few times my stepdaughter allowed me into her apartment, I took this photo of all the shoes she possessed lined up behind the sofa.
Tam's shoes

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