On Dec. 31, 2018, during our cruise on the Nile in Egypt, we cruised to Fares Island, where we took “tuk-tuks” through the dusty street of the town on our way to visit a crate maker (more about that in a separate post).

Dale and I in the cabin of the “tuk-tuk” where we shot photos out the open sides with fringe hanging down along the top.


Of course, we took as many photos of doors (mostly gates that open onto courtyards) as we could as we rumbled along.
You will notice the mostly uniform brick walls surrounding the doors – this brick comprised many of the walls in the town.
It was interesting to speculate what lay behind these gates, but none were open for us to peek in.

This gate was open, but we only caught a glimpse of more brick wall inside! Anyway, I loved the colors of these gates and the shuttered orange window on the right.
Gathering place — nice ornamental gate in the background.
DSC_0419 (2)
These little boys laughed and waved as we passed; a watchful woman stood in the background.
We went over a very noticeable bump while shooting this photo – it came out a bit skewed, but I like the colors and design so I included it anyway.


20181231_161614 (2).jpg
This colorful entrance was for a tourist trap near the ruins of Kom Ombo (not on Fares Island, a little further south on the river).

Posted for Norm’s Thursday Doors, May 9, 2019.

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