FOTD: Lilacs!

Oh, how gloriously beautiful and fragrant are the lilacs blooming in the spring!
I remember taking a May walk once when my son was in elementary school. He had allergies which caused asthma. While I was walking, I came across a blooming lilac bush, its fragrance wafting halfway down the block. I remember thinking that I felt sorry for my son, who couldn’t enjoy the outdoors during allergy season, who couldn’t appreciate these wonderful aromatic flowers. The thought heightened my gratitude that I could enjoy them.
Check out and show appreciation for other fragrant & gorgeous blooms at Cee’s FOTD 5/21/19!

2 thoughts on “FOTD: Lilacs!

  1. Beautiful post. As I’m reading this, I have my melting pot of lilac wax permeating through my bedroom.
    In the house, I grew up in, we had wild lilacs all over the property and throughout the woods behind the house. Nothing smelled more heavenly than that scent! Ahhh….😍

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