Blue and the Unexpected

This is my entry for Becky’s July Blue Squares and also for Nancy Merrill’s A Photo A Day with the theme of Unexpected. It was not until I had my zoom lens focused on the top of the blue house in Cologne (Köln), Germany, that I saw what the guide had been telling us about […]

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FOTD: Lilies

I really like the colors of these lilies – I’d never seen lilies like this before. For more flower photos, head over to Cee’s FOTD 7/27/19.

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Thursday Doors & July Blue

Doors in Cabourg and Arromanches, France The first photo is my entry today for Becky’s July Blue Squares. All are my contribution to Norm’s weekly Thursday Doors feature. The first three were taken in Arromanches; the rest were captured in Cabourg.        

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FOTD: Delphiniums

For Cee’s FOTD 7/24/19, I am also posting delphiniums (her post reminded me of them!) that I saw at the Chicago Botanic Gardens in May. This is the larger display of delphiniums. The ground cover flowers are foxglove.

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July Blue Squares: Dome of the Rock

I’m pretty sure I have posted these photos before, but this time I am posting them for today’s Blue Square entry. Dome of the Rock is such a beautiful building, known mostly for its golden dome that stands out among the whitish buildings of Jerusalem’s skyline. However, close up, it is covered with Arabic mosaic […]

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