For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week,  with the topic of five or more items in the photo, I am breaking out of my usual travel chronology because this was the perfect opportunity to tell the story of a visit to an open market in Vienna, where most of my photos have many items!

On July 6, we took a tour to the “nosh market” (Naschmarkt) in Vienna. There were many kinds of foods for sale, of course, but many other types of merchandise as well. For anyone visiting Vienna, this is a fun and interesting place to take a break from the the city’s majestic old buildings and history. That is, if you don’t mind crowds and are willing to do what it takes to find a unique souvenir to take home.

This was one of Viking’s “optional tours” that I had signed up and paid for in advance. It was a scorchingly hot afternoon (actually, more or less normal for Chicago summer, but not in northern Europe, where few places have air conditioning).

Our guide was a young man from Italy, who decided to come to Vienna to study and ended up getting into the tourist guide business, which he really enjoys. He led us to the nearest subway stop, where he bought us tickets and instructed us to KEEP THEM until we were clear of the station. (At random, officials ask subway goers to show them their ticket and if one cannot produce it, there is a heavy fine with no excuses accepted!)

Achim (our guide’s name) told us that he hoped we would get an air conditioned train – the newer trains do have air conditioning but the older ones – a majority – do not. We were lucky to get an air conditioned subway car, all the more so because it was packed on a Saturday afternoon!

We got off and walked through the station, took a flight up and the market was almost right in front of us.  We were met by the chef from our ship, Marc Anthony (on the right in this photo), who explained what kinds of foods a chef looks for in a market and getting to know the vendors so you know the food products are good quality.
We walked by fish sellers…20190706_151239
produce stands…

and cheese vendors.
Finally, we stopped in front of a shop where a young man was busy clearing off and setting up tables for us. Marc Anthony had prepared some delectable samples of finger foods for us!

We all got a refreshing fruit drink (at the very bottom of the photo), then tried various kinds of olives, falafel and hummus (the two outer swirls – orangish and green – were savory; the pink and yellow were sweet flavored) and a plate of various stuffed fruits and vegetables. We ended with baklava and there was plenty for everyone!

As we walked farther, we saw more produce and some cute little souvenirs.
There were many stands that sold spices, nuts and other flavorings.
And, to mix and pulverize these flavorings, there were mortar and pestles…
There were also places that sold candy …
and brightly painted dishes.
Our last stop before exploring on our own was a wine and cheese tasting – there was actually only one kind of wine to wash down two different kinds of cheese, sausage and pieces of poppyseed cake.

The server encouraged us to dip the cheese in a small bowl with a mixture of olive oil and spices.

We then had 45 minutes to explore or shop on our own. Before that time was up, Dale and I had returned to the meeting place, in front of a café which had clean facilities. Of course, if you avail yourself of the facilities, it’s polite to order something – so we had some refreshing cold lemonade!

I didn’t go to dinner that night – I was still full of the tasty samples we’d “noshed” on at the Naschmarkt!

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