For Becky’s Month of Blue Squares (July) challenge…

While in Paris in June, we (my husband, my son, my sister and I) went to see the Eiffel Tower in the evening since I’d been told it was lit up at night. I loved the contrast between the gold of the lit up tower and the deep blue of the darkening sky. The moon was full (or close to full) also!

In this photo, a distant skyscraper also shines, outlined in aqua blue neon!

We did not climb the tower although my son wanted to – the line was long and we had not ordered tickets in advance. Anyway, it is free to visit and stand under it as long as you like!

We got there a little before twilight, so we watched the sky get darker.
Here’s my husband using the selfie setting to take a shot straight up under the tower.
The Eiffel Tower is, admittedly, especially great as a backdrop for selfies! These people were taking group selfies.

My first Eiffel Tower selfie attempt:
My second selfie attempt, after the sky darkened, with my son – I like this shot much better.
As we exited, we were accosted by vendors, mostly male immigrants from Africa, selling their wares: miniature Eiffel Towers in various sizes that flash when you flip a switch underneath. Yes, we all ended up buying something (except my husband – he doesn’t buy anything he’s not specifically looking for) and my vendor gave me three tiny Eiffel Tower key chains along with my flashing replica – what a deal!

On the ground outside the Eiffel Tower premises were many of these blankets covered with miniature souvenirs in all sizes and colors. 



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