Blue Squares: Ad in the Sky

During our tour of Cologne, Germany, on June 27, I looked up to see this ad in the sky:
It seemed to be advertising a film or performance later that day. Anyway, both the cloudless sky* and the sign are blue so it’s perfect for Becky’s Month of Squares (#JulySquare).

*This is how the sky looked during most of Europe’s heat wave in late June/early July!

4 thoughts on “Blue Squares: Ad in the Sky

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  2. Let me add this info: it’s a TV show. I’ve not seen (nor will I) – apparently the guest star of the show is in a silly costume and only revealed at the end. The show was in the news because in the first installment the “star” made a pretty tasteless joke about Angela Merkel’s state of health. But that shouldn’t distract from the great photo!

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