I found out about this fun challenge from Cee who called it “BOTD” – I thought it was a typo and she meant FOTD (Flower of the Day)! 😛

The idea is just to post a photo you’ve taken of a bird each day – I don’t think I can keep it up every day, but here is my first contribution. Thank you, Granny Shot It!

We saw many swans on our European river cruise. To Americans, swans are somewhat exotic and beautiful, although they are becoming more common as housing complexes with ponds bring in swans to keep away the ubiquitous Canada geese. Swans can be mean and they do not take kindly to Canada geese invading their territory! I wholeheartedly approve. Anyway, while travelling down the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, we often saw swans, usually in pairs (they mate for life). I went crazy taking photos of them from our balcony!


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