Becky has her monthlong square challenge this month and the topic is Blue.  (#JulySquare)

Last summer we took a road trip across 2/3 of the United States on Route 66. Between Arizona and New Mexico, we kept seeing road signs with this rabbit logo which piqued our curiosity (as it was supposed to!). We finally arrived at this store, with a sign saying “Here It Is!”
And the rabbit was very much an identifying feature even though the store had nothing to do with rabbits per se. Just an advertising gimmick to get you into the store! In fact, although seemingly of dubious quality judging from the exterior,
the interior turned out to have some very nice things, including Native American crafts, and I bought a couple of kachinas there!
I blogged about this and other Route 66 discoveries in my series Getting Our Kicks last summer!

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