My husband and I have just recently moved to a senior living community, and I have been enjoying taking walks around the campus in the evenings. A few days ago I saw the resident swan family out for a stroll. Swans mate for life and raise their cygnets together. This year all of the cygnets survived and now are nearly full grown. They still have a few of their brown downy feathers to shed and their beaks are still gray.
I see the swan family nearly every day, sometimes in the pond, but often on the grassy bank. This was the first time I saw them walking down the road!

The same swan couple is brought here every spring and they stay until fall – originally to keep away the Canada geese (at which they do a great job!) but also to provide residents with some enjoyable sights of these lovely birds and their growing offspring. (I am planning to join the Camera Club here and look forward to taking many photos of our resident swans!)

Join in the fun: Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day challenge!

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