I got to this through a link on Fandango’s post of “The Idiots We Elect.” I read it to my husband and he wants me to post it on Facebook! I’m not sure how to do that, but I am reblogging it here. I wish the comments would reblog also, because there’s been an interesting dialogue here. I still consider myself a Christian but have been going through a “crisis of faith” for a long time now. I see the hypocrisy all too often. I do not belong to a fundamentalist or dogmatic church. I couldn’t. Fortunately the church I belong to is very open and welcoming to all. I believe Jesus was a man, not a god. He became a martyr when he was crucified but I don’t see his martyrdom as “he died for our sins,” which really doesn’t make much sense to me. He was martyred due to his radical ideas and rejecting the dogmas of ultra-conservative Judaism. People like Pence and others who call themselves “Christians” really sicken me, first because they are hypocrites and second because they give Christianity in general a bad name. My husband believes much as you do, which is why he considers himself agnostic or possibly atheist. It doesn’t bother me that he is a non-believer. I judge people not on what they call themselves but on their actions and their humanity.

This, That, and The Other

2434F876-2167-420C-A82A-2DDA269DB4CCI am intrigued by Mike Pence’s use of the phrase “God-given liberties” in his tweet. I’m sure he is using language that religious people and/or those who believe in God can relate to.

But I do wonder why he couldn’t have used words such as “inherent,” “self-evident,” or “unalienable,” rather than “God-given” to describe these liberties enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

I’m pragmatic enough to understand the broad appeal of the phrase “God-given” when it comes to liberties and rights, since most Americans claim Christianity, in one form or another, as their religion and also espouse a belief in God.

I see references to “God-given” all that time, so Pence’s phrasing is not that unusual. But I am a little bothered by the implication that rights and liberties bestowed upon Americans by the Founding Fathers are “God-given,” especially since the word “God” appears nowhere in the Constitution or the Bill…

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2 thoughts on “God-Given Liberties

  1. God Bless YOU!
    No wonder I have always liked you.
    I don’t even know what is more terrible in our country now.
    But the kidnapping of Jesus, in a partisan way, without his consent, is appalling.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I found this reblogged post to be insightful and well-written. I find it hard to write such things myself, so I tend not to blog about such subjects. I love how you put it, “the kidnapping of Jesus, in a partisan way, without his consent” – exactly!

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