Monday Windows: Marksburg Castle

For last week’s Thursday Doors challenge, I posted about Marksburg Castle, one of only two Rhine River hill castles that was never destroyed. We visited Marksburg during our river cruise last June. Today, I feature some of the windows of Marksburg for Ludwig Keck’s Monday Windows challenge.

Here is Marksburg Castle from below:
The castle has a variety of different windows.


Do those slits on the lower right indicate that another window was there at one time? 

20190628_104959 (2)

Four narrow shuttered windows and a triangular attic window!



Windows on different levels



A barred window converted into a display case


A large window for this narrow dining room to let in plenty of light for the diners.



Windows in the tower…was there perhaps an imprisoned maiden up there? (Rapunzel, let down your hair…) 😉

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