Lens-Artist #64: Countryside and/or Small Town

Lens-Artists #64 has the theme Countryside and/or Small Towns. We saw many beautiful places on our European vacation in June/July. Yes, it was exciting to visit large cities like Paris and Amsterdam, but the most beautiful places were the rural areas and small towns. I also include beautiful country scenes from other trips.


Kinderdijk, the Netherlands, on the Rhine. This is a popular place for cruises to stop because of the beauty of the many windmills. Each windmill is the home of a local family.


Wine-growing on the Main River in Germany


Farm near the border of Germany and Austria


Village in Normandy, France


Besaw Island on the Nile River, Egypt

2-3 lake where we saw flamingos-Arusha NP.jpg

Lake in Arusha National Park, Tanzania


Desert of rural Israel


Scene from Devils Elbow Bridge, Missouri

20180531_134601 (2).jpg

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado



North of Sedona, Arizona

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artist #64: Countryside and/or Small Town

  1. Hi, amoralegria, I enjoyed seeing your travel photos. We missed going to Cairo when my brother-in-law worked there for five years. We haven’t gone to Israel or Tanzania either. I do want to go to Israel one day. Great to know you speak so many languages. My poetry book is being translated into Spanish and Portuguese right now. II can only understand little bit Spanish and none in Portuguese.

    • How cool that you have published a book of poetry that is now being translated to other languages! Congratulations! I imagine it must be difficult to translate poetry and still retain the rhythm & feeling of the original.

      • I agree with you, Amoralegria. It’s hard to retain the rhythm for sure. There may not be the same expressions or words in other languages than the original language of the literature. Translate poetry is tricky. I’ll see how they are received.

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