BOTD: Peacocks

Granny Shot It has a daily photo challenge, Bird of the Day (BOTD). I am contributing with photos of a very bold peacock and his companions at the Brookfield Zoo. This guy kept walking toward me as I was snapping his photo with my cellphone! He appeared to have no fear of humans whatsoever – he is probably used to zoo patrons throwing him crumbs.
I saw another peacock when we first arrived. His leg is banded so zoo researchers can track his movements.
Peacocks and peahens pecking for food in the grass

It’s Almost Here!

Granny Shot It’s 11-Day Halloween decorations photo challenge is coming to a close! My contribution today is from our community’s Great Pumpkin Contest! There were 14 entries and below each was a little bag where residents could place their votes for the one they thought was best. It was a very hard decision and several deserve to win! Anyway, everyone who participated worked hard on their creation, got inspired, and had fun – which is the whole point of Halloween, isn’t it?!

October Square: the Round White Barn

At the senior community where I now live, there is a round white barn, which is all that is left of the farm that originally occupied this campus – until the mid 1980s, there was a farm in the middle of Arlington Heights! Today for Becky’s October Square: lines & squares, I feature the door (with “X”s and is approximately square-shaped) and one side of its curved wall, with lateral lines marking each piece of wood used to build it.
20191026_112002 (2)
Here’s a photo I took two months ago of the barn from a distance (and there are more lines – from the crosswalks! 🙂 .