I am featuring pieces from a museum again, for Becky’s Month of Squares in October with the topic “Lines & Square.”.

These pieces are from the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington. We went there to see Chihuly’s glass art, but the museum has so much more than that. The first exhibit we went into featured Native American artists using themes from the Northwest tribal art.

This piece is entitled Fox by Skokomish artist taqWitsa Vera Smith (born 2002), using fused glass.

Here are more beautiful pieces from that exhibit.

John Edward Smith (Skokomish, born 1973), Untitled, (2015-2018), blown and sand carved glass


All 3 pieces by Old Peter, (Chehalis/Skokomish, born 1980)


Delbert Miller (Skokomish, born 1957) & Jack-lyn Smith (Skokomish, born 1980), Family Outing, 2015-2018, brown & sand-carved glass and hair


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