Here is my contribution for today for Becky’s October Square with the topic lines & squares.

These are photos of artwork that I saw on display (except the last one, which I drew last week). Each one has definitive lines and each also incorporates nature into the artwork.

At an art gallery in Poulsbo, WA: Notice how this artist has incorporated lines of musical notation into the white spaces (birches and birds) of her painting.
Artwork for sale in a display window, Poulsbo, WA:
DSC02307 (2)
Detail from a box on a table in the lobby at the Moorings in Arlington Heights (most likely made by one of the residents):
20191011_172945 (2)
Here is the entire box:

My latest “still life” in pencil and pastel pencil (not on display!)
20191008_164725 (2).jpg


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