2 thoughts on “SYW: On Disagreements, Politicians, Idyllic Gardens and Trick-or-Treating

  1. Thank you so much for Sharing Your World! I fully agree with your position on the first question, but it’s almost impossible (especially now that November has rolled in) to talk to the ‘other side’ reasonably about it. SOMEBODY is going to get steamed. So now I’ve asked folks (in a respectful way) not to discuss politics with me. And others KNOW not to do it because they’ve gotten burned by the steam… 😐 (my bad). On the weird noise front, I do that too. I can imitate (pretty well) a cow lowing, a cat meowing and hissing, and even do some bird calls that sound realistic. It IS hilarious to watch a dog or cat go racing around trying to find the cow or bird, or dogs getting worked up because they can’t find the cat. Some folks think that’s mean though. So my boys get tortured (gently) and I don’t inflict it on others’ pets. Unless nobody is looking…. 😉 Beautiful shot of the Canyon..what a lucky find. I bet few have gone to that particular spot, it looks unsullied. Are those your children? Cute costumes!! 🙂

    1. I also can imitate animals! I like to whine like a dog and watch a real dog tilt his head back and forth trying to reconcile what he’s seeing vs hearing! I can do a cat fight really well but I tend not to because it really scares my cat! As for the Grand Canyon, the trip I took was when I was 16 – the photo in the post is from Google! I thought I mentioned that at the end, sorry if I didn’t. The children in the last photo are trick-or-treaters who came to my door last year. This year we had no trick-or-treaters, because we have moved to a senior community. I don’t know how many braved the snowstorm and windy cold that day to go out t-or-t’ing anyway! Some towns around here postponed it until today, Saturday.

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