Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Monochrome

Lens-Artists’ weekly photo challenge #70 has the topic monochrome. Monochrome can be either black & white or varying hues of the same color.

Normally, to create a black & white photo, I use my photo software to change it from color to B&W, since I do virtually all my photography in color. In this photo, however, I didn’t have to. It was after dark and the tree was lit from the side, so I got this spooky effect.
There was not much color in the original of this photo, either, but I did have to modify it to be completely monochrome. It was taken on Halloween, when we had an early snowfall, accumulating to over 3 inches! Fortunately, it is gone now.
20191031_121119 (2)
This photo is a detail from the top of a box, created by a resident of our senior community.
20191011_172945 (2).jpg

6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Monochrome

  1. Hi, Katy. You’ve had snow already! Incredible. These are lovely monochromes. The light and texture really come through on your shot of the tree in your header image. The texture of the seashells is marvelous. They look luminous, too.

  2. Ah, lovely choices – and interesting to get some naturals! Those seashells are amazing. And the snow! We will have some next week they say – a bit too early, just like yours.

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