Lens-Artists: On Display

Lens-Artists’ photo challenge #76 is On Display.

When I go abroad, one of the fun things I like to do is wander around markets, supermarkets and malls. In Israel last January, we spent two days in a suburb of Tel Aviv where we visited a supermarket…
…and a rather run-down mall.
At the Naschmarkt in Vienna, which was an optional tour we took, there are a variety of things on display for sale, including many types of food products as well as these colorful dishes.
In November, a group from our senior community took a trip to “Whimsical Wonderland” – the name given to a display and competition of miniatures. This is one of the entries in the competition. This damsel is herself on display – waiting for a secret lover perhaps?!
At the miniatures show, there were individual miniature items for sale, from tiny rugs and chairs to foodstuffs and…hats.
Now that it is the holiday season, there are of course many things on display – not just for sale items, but colorful lights and ornaments which brighten the short days and long nights of December. When it is too cold outside for taking a walk, I have gotten into the habit of walking the halls of the independent living apartment building, climbing the stairs to each floor and then touring each floor. Each apartment has a small shelf outside the entrance where people put up little Christmas displays, as well as colorful seasonal items hung on their doors.

On the first floor, there is this Christmas village that is put on display by the staff.
I took the following photos of residents’ individual displays.


This resident did something unique and clever, hanging a number of colorful ornaments from the light over her doorway. The light adds to the luster of the shiny ornaments!

Finally, last night we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden to see “Lightscape” – a show of different lights throughout the gardens. It was interesting to see how different spaces within the gardens were used.


This is one of the trees you see at the entrance, before you even get to the exhibit (I took the photo from the parking lot.)


Entrance to the exhibit



“Tulip Garden”



“Cathedral of Lights”



6 thoughts on “Lens-Artists: On Display

  1. These are nice photos, with lots of lights for the darkest time of the year. Many retirement communities that I’ve been in have a shelf near each resident’s door. They can then make displays showing their interests, so it’s a nice tradition. When my parents lived at Judson Park Retirement Community in Cleveland, I used to enjoy walking the halls for exercise, when it was too cold to walk outside. Thanks Katy!

  2. Enjoyed The market tour, is so much fun!
    Thank you for the lightscape of the Chicago Botanic Garden. All are beautifully captured, especially the “Cathedral of Lights”!

  3. Excellent selections. My mother lives in a senior home, where the residents decorate outside their doors. We are going to the Denver Botanic Gardens light display after Christmas. Love the lights.

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