On the Hunt for Joy: Getting Outside

Cee has a new challenge, which she will post every Wednesday! It is called On the Hunt For Joy. The first topic is Get Outside.

And in fact, this is exactly what I did today, on my way home from a lecture. It was very cold today (colder than it has been this month but not unusually cold for January) and not a day I really wanted to go outside, but I was hot at that point from being overdressed and when I stepped outside, it felt really good!

What made me go outside was a beautiful late afternoon sky and I knew I wanted to take photos of it reflecting on the big pond behind our community’s main building. Taking off my gloves, I took several shots with my cellphone and decided to take the long way home. It didn’t take me long to feel cold (especially my hands) but I enjoyed the walk anyway because of the beauty of the afternoon. Here are a few of the photos I took.
The half-frozen pond created this undulating ridge across it and behind it were gentle ripples on the water.

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