CFFC: Winter Scenes

Sometimes it snows here in winter; sometimes it doesn’t. But it always gets cold! Fall, winter and spring can be unpredictable! Here are some of my favorite winter photos, posted for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – winter scenes.

This is our new house on Halloween – our first major snowfall of the year (that day and in early November were the biggest snows we’ve had this winter, until today!)
Flower pot covered in ice, with tree reflected in it
This was taken a few years ago from our front porch during a snowstorm.
The maple tree behind our house, its branches tinged with snow
Taken from our front porch in Des Plaines after a nighttime snowfall.
Sometimes the ground just gets covered with frost, like these leaves and grass in January.
Pretty snow scenes at Prairie Lakes Park in Des Plaines.
Usually in March, the snow starts to melt. But we can’t be complacent – April has been known to produce some unexpected snowstorms! (Somewhere there’s a photo of my tulips coming up with snow on the ground around them!)
After a long winter, one of our gardens looked like this early last March.

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